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I got lost in him, and it was the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found.
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I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.
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Don’t sugar coat it, don’t say “making love”. You make love in letters, and subtle glances across a room. You two are fucking. you are feeling each other for the sake of raw pleasure. You are fucking as in the verb, you both are sweating and panting because you can’t consume enough of each other. So fuck “making love” you are fucking, you are feeling. Eat her out and make her cum on your tongue, life isn’t about censored vulgarity.
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I think once you’ve thought about how a person sleeps, how they’d feel pressed up against your back, or your head on their chest, how compatible your bodies would be in the same space of a bed — once you’ve thought about that, you’re fucked.
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people who love their bodies, their lives, their relationships, don’t hate on others’. if you know love and happiness, that’s what you put out in the world.
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Before you say yes, get him angry. See him scared, see him wanting, see him sick. Stress changes a person. Find out if he drinks and if he does, get him drunk - you’ll learn more about his sober thoughts. Discover his addictions. See if he puts you in front of them. You can’t change people, baby girl. If they are made one way, it doesn’t just wear off. If you hate how he acts when he’s out of it now, you’re going to hate it much worse eight years down the road. You might love him to bits but it doesn’t change that some people just don’t fit.
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